Employers Participating in the Employment Week for PhD Students


International Doctoral School and Department of Student Affairs of Ilia State University will organize an employment week with the participation of Ilia State University doctoral students from April 11 to 15, 2022.

The aim of the week is to connect job-seeking doctoral students and alumni with employers. During the week, employers will meet with the doctoral students and alumni of the International Doctoral School as well as of other doctoral programs, share information about their organizations, talk to them and offer collaborations.

Employment Week will be held remotely through the platform - Zoom.

LEPL - Civil Service Bureau - a legal entity under public law, which aims to develop administrative and legislative policy of public administration in the country and to implement the principles of effective public administration. The Bureau is refining the regulatory framework of public service, improving human resource management systems of public service and implementing e-government projects. The mission of the Civil Service Bureau is to promote effective and transparent public administration in Georgia.

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia - The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is committed to creating a modern and innovative educational and scientific environment with the participation of the public. This environment is based on the principles of freedom of choice and cooperation, fair competition and equal opportunities, the principles of civic unity and respect for cultural identity and encourages people to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for social success and self-realization.

National Center for Teachers' Professional Development - The National Center for Teacher's Professional Development is a legal entity of public law of the Ministry of Education and Science, which aims to promote the quality improvement of learning and teaching in schools by establishing a high standard of teachers' professional knowledge and activities.

LEPL - National Environment Agency - a legal entity of public law within the system of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, which is an organization independent of governmental bodies and operates independently of meteorological, hydrological, geological processes and the qualitative condition of the environment.

LEPL - N203 Tbilisi Public School - a school that attends to students with hearing problems.

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia - The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia is a governmental body established in accordance with the Georgian law, which develops and implements the objectives of economic development of the country on the basis of the existing legislation. The Ministry conducts its activities in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, legislative and sub-legislative normative acts of Georgia and this regulation.

The Apparatus of the Parliament of Georgia - The Apparatus of the Parliament of Georgia is established to provide organizational and technical support to the activities of the Parliament of Georgia.

LEPL - National Assessment and Examinations Center - LEPL Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, which provides the preparation and conduct of exams.

LEPL National Agency for Crime Prevention, Execution of Non - Custodial Sentences and Probation - Execution of non-custodial sentences, re-socialization-rehabilitation of persons in conflict with the law and crime prevention.

LEPL - Evgeny Kharadze Georgian National Astrophysical Observatory - a study of the structure of celestial bodies and the universe.

Central Election Commission of Georgia - the highest body of the Election Administration of Georgia, which directs and controls all levels of election commissions within its authority.

Media Development Foundation (MDF) - Media Development Foundation, MDF, is engaged in research and educational activities; carries out advocacy; conducts trainings, meetings, public discussions, creative competitions. Publishes educational and professional literature, conducts media productions and educational campaigns, as well as mobilizes young people for civic or educational activities. The main areas of the organization are: freedom of speech and expression, ethical journalism and accountability; media literacy; human rights; diversity and an inclusive society; gender equality; supporting youth initiatives and civic activism.

Curatio International Foundation - Curatio International Foundation (CIF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to improve health care by strengthening health care systems. Curatio relies on a network of national and international experts and researchers, which allows us to connect local problems and ways to solve them. We strive to improve health care policies and health care systems.

National Bank of Georgia - The National Bank of Georgia is the Central Bank of Georgia and its status is defined by the Constitution of the country. The main goal of the National Bank is to ensure price stability.

LEPL - National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) - a legal entity of public law established for the production of statistics and dissemination of statistical information, which carries out its activities independently. The goal of Geostat is to ensure the production of independent, objective and reliable statistics in the country in accordance with the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice, as well as on the basis of internationally recognized basic principles of statistics.

The employment week schedule will be published in stages according to days.

Year 2022

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