Submission Policy for International Grants

In accordance to  an institutional policy, all grant applications and contracts must be submitted through the Office of Grants and Development. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the Office staff prior to submission. This policy smoothes the interaction with the external organizations and protects the university from undertaking the obligations that are to be met during the grant implementation, including co-funding requirements and commitments from the university budget. Grant ideas and its priorities are to be assessed by the Rector and Head of Administration that will approve the form as the project conditions are subject to a commitment between ISU and the external entity that involved university’s resources in the form of space, personnel, goods and services, and/or financial resources.

Please contact us prior to submission of a grant proposal and fill out the internal approval form and get an approval from your dean and university leadership. Once it is obtained, the Office can sign the papers and assist you submit a grant proposal. 

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