International Relations Office

International Relations Office

The chief mission of the IRO is the facilitation of the process of internationalization in the academic sphere, in order to raise the profile of the university. Particular priorities are cooperation with international institutions, the participation of Ilia State University faculties and students in international cooperative or exchange based projects, and the raising of the university profile in international networks.

The basic functions and goals of the office include:

  • To facilitate the internalization of the programs administered at Ilia State University;
  • The establishment and development of contacts with foreign institutions of higher education.
  • To facilitate cooperation with foreign universities.
  • To encourage and facilitate the participation of students, researchers, faculty, and administrative staff in international exchange programs and projects.
  • To aide in the establishment of a multicultural environment at the university.
  • To host the delegations of foreign universities.

The head of the office – Salome Bilanishvili

Contact Information:
➳ Cholokashvili St. 3/5, Room E120
☏ (995 322) 220009 - 367 (ext)

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