ILIAUNI FabLab – Space for all creative and innovative ideas 
ILIAUNI FabLab, based at Ilia State University, is a small-scale workshop venue offering digital and general computer fabrication that is equipped with a set of computer controlled tools. FabLab is established for access and use of ISU and partner university students, general public, and industry partners to fabricate digitally technology-enabled products and create smart devices that will be used in teaching and education purposes integrated into curriculum and extra-curricular activities, innovation and entrepreneurship, sales and marketing while distributing products in the relevant market and to the industry partners. FabLab is a platform for education, idea creation, and invention that supports and facilitates innovation infrastructure development process in Georgia. In the overall goal, new technologies at ISU FabLab help to train new generation of designers, engineers, and inventor entrepreneurs and support the start-up proliferation and commercialization, and facilitate the positive impact on the economic growth.

ISU FabLab Offers:

  • Workshop space for digital and general computer fabrications that is equipped with the modern technologies;
  • The possibility to solve problems and work on ideas in collaboration with ISU team and leading researchers of the university;
  • Access to professional and technical assistance while working on fabrication and innovation of prototypes and its marketing in the industry;

Recruiting and participation in FabLab activities and workshops, including contests Makeathons


GameLab ILIAUNI ISU is the laboratory for innovation in computer and mobile device gaming, equipped with the latest technologies and innovative ideas through which you can commercializ in the global market.
Ilia State University GameLab ILIAUNI is open not only for ISU students but also for all those who have:

  • Innovative technological ideas and desire of their realization
  • Desire to have the most modern and prestigious profession

GameLab ILIAUNI- there operates a training center, which offers a certificate course in the following areas:

  • Game-designer
  •  Sound Designer
  •  Software
  •  Developer
  • Storyteller
  • Level-Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Painter
  •  2D Artist
  • 3D Artist
  •  Animator
  • Game-testing analyst
  • Concept Artist
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