Employment – Career Development Services for ISU Students and Graduates

Employment – Career Development Services for ISU Students and Graduates

ISU Department of Student Affairs offers students and graduates a variety of career guidance services to assist them on their career path. 

Career Forum

Throughout the year, ISU regularly holds career days allowing various companies an opportunity to meet and offer vacancies to students matching their interests and fields of specialization. Selection of students and graduates is conducted on site. 

Apart from thematic forums and meetigns, ISU Department of Student Affaits organizes summarizing annual Career Weeks and Forum, which are attended by dozens of companies offering active job openings. The 2017 Career Week and Forum were represented by over 70 companies/organizations with more than 500 active vacancies. 

Information on the Career Forum is made available to students and graduates through university e-mail and website, as well as social media pages (ილიაუნი Q & A; ილიაუნი - ARGUSI). 

UNIJOBS Employment Support Programme

Students and graduates receive daily notifications on job openings negotiated with employers with a view to matching the offered jobs to the academic schedule of students thus enabling the latter combine studies with work. Graduates are sent information on vacancies matching their profile. 

Through Unijobs, the Employment Support Programme allows students and graduates to register, either electronically or by visiting the Office of the Department of Student Affairs, and receive daily updates through e-mail on vacancies matching their skills and interests. 

Those subscribed to the Unijobs Employment Programme receive e-mails from

To register with Unijobs, students and graduates must complete an application form available at:

Negotiations with Employers – Career Support for Students and Graduates 

To support students’ career development, ISU Department of Student Affairs regularly receives and simultaneously registers job offers from different companies. Apart from that, employers register annualy to take part in the Career Forum. Being in regular communication with employers and taking note of their interests, the Department works closely with the faculties and sends information on respective job vacancies to students who meet specific criteria. 

If you have jobs to offer to students and graduates, please send a job description to the following e-mail address: 

Ensuring Students’ Engagement in Internship Programmes and Organizing ISU-based Internship

ISU participates in all official student internship programmes. It works closely with the Tbilisi City Hall and the Civil Service Bureau, which provide annual internship opportunities for top students and graduates. 

ISU-based Internship

Apart from the opportunities for internship in the civil service, ISU students benefit from the university-based internship programme which offers students internships, either paid or unpaid, at ISU schools and administrative departments. Some students are then hired for the job at the same units.  

Free Training Opportunities for Students

Each semester, the Department of Student Affairs organizes training sessions for students and graduates on: 

  • CV and motivation letter writing;

  • self-presentation skills;

  • rights and responsibilities of employers and employees 

Training sessions are conducted by ISU staff members, as well as HR officers invited from outside organizations and companies. 

Contant Information: 

Career Development Services, Department of Student Affairs

3/5 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Ave., Room F 105

 Contact Person: Nino Sikharulidze

Tel.:(+995 32) 22 00 09 (270); (+995 57) 65 05 46 ; ;

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