Mari Burduli Career Forum

Mari Burduli Employment Forum

The Department of Student Affairs of Ilia State University has been organizing the Mari Burduli Employment Forum since 2019 as part of the Career Development Services for students and graduates.

The employment forum involves connecting employers and job-seeking students and graduates. The event includes specialized employment forums, trainings/workshops in regards with career development, meetings with HR managers and other exciting activities to help students and graduates with their career development.

About Mari Burduli

Mari Burduli started working at Ilia State University in 2006 and has successfully headed the Human Resources Management Service for twelve years - overseeing the development of human resources and new, important processes at the university, was involved in the development of various structural units.

Mari Burduli developed the human resources management policy. The fact, that according to experts the Iliauni Human Resources Management Service is functioning successfully today, is largely her accomplishment.

The ERASMUS + project, PEOPLES, was coordinated by her at the university for three years, and changes which resulted from it made a great impact on the development of the Human Resources Management Service.

Mari has been suffering from malignant melanoma in recent years, although she has not stopped working at the university and, despite a severe diagnosis, was actively involved in the Iliauni pre-authorization process in 2017.

She was distinguished by her kindness, professionalism and strength. She had writing skills, as evidenced by her collections of poems.

Mari died on March 23, 2018. A few months earlier, she published a note “My Thanatos”, in which she spoke openly about her rare disease and, most importantly, showed each reader a relentless and strong character in the face of which any obstacle is powerless. “My Thanatos” has been described by many writers as a very valuable and important text.

One year after her death, Ilia State University staff decided that the annual large-scale employment event for students and graduates would be called the Mari Burduli Employment Forum.

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