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Social Work


Type of University Entrance Examination: interview
Conferred Academic Degree: Master of Social Work

Brief Description
The programme aims to produce competent and proficient social workers, who will make a valuable contribution to the development of the country’s social field by facilitating planning, advancement and development of effective social service, as well as formation of research-based social policy and creation and development of social programmes; and, in general, the improvement of the standard of living of socially vulnerable part of society.
The programme is totally focused on integration of student’s knowledge, values and skills into practice implying that learners will not only receive and expand their theoretical knowledge but they will also apply it to practice.

Occupational fields:
Graduates will be qualified to work as social workers or hold other similar positions in different governmental, non-governmental or international organizations, namely, in the Social Affairs Department of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Social Service Agencies, institutions under Departments of Law-enforcement Agencies, National Probation Agency, Programmes of Witnesses and Victims within the Prosecutor’s Office, Centers of Innovative Programmes and Crime Prevention, in Educational Institutions under the Ministry of Education and Science, Community-based Organizations, Elderly Care Homes and Boarding Houses, Centers for People with Disabilities and Socially Vulnerable Children, Rehabilitation Centers, Palliative Care Centers, Youth Centers, Centers for the Homeless, Centers for Mothers and Children, Human Trafficking Resource Centers, Centers for Victims of Domestic Violence and other social service organizations and programs.

Contact details:

Zviad Zalikiani
Quality Assurance Specialist
➳ Chavchavadze32, A 202
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (207)

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