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Addiction Studies


Type of University Entrance Examination: interview, essay
Conferred Academic Degree: Master of Addiction Studies

Brief Description Addiction Studies – science on physical and psychological addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, etc. is a new field enjoying growing popularity throughout the world. The master’s programme of the Study of Addiction/Addictology was developed thanks to the active participation of the leading specialists of the United States and the Czech Republic and implemented in different institutions in cooperation with Charles University of Prague.


The programme aims to produce highly qualified professionals capable of facing urgent challenges related to different types of widespread addictions. In addition, the graduates will be qualified to work on issues such as planning and holding research, as well as monitor the existing situation and adopt a strategy to plan and offer addictological service to the public.

Occupational Fields Graduates can be employed in:
different institutions of public, academic and non-governmental sector, preventive, rehabilitation and treatment services of Education, Defence and Law-enforcement systems related to monitoring and treating drug and other types of addictions, as well as developing and coordinating addiction policy and strategy.

Graduates can also work in analytical services of law-enforcement agencies, disease control and public health services.

The programme ensures the students’ involvement and active participation in Georgian-European and Georgian-American projects, while granting highly motivated students a unique opportunity to pursue their master’s degree in Prague, Charles University, within the framework of students exchange programme.

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Quality Assurance Specialist
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