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Public Health-MPH (ENG)

Public Health-MPH (ENG)

Type of the University Exam: Oral exam

Awarded academic degree: Master in Public Health-MPH

Short description:

The program aims to train sector professionals with in-depth and systematic knowledge and skills of necessary and modern standards in the field of public health and policy for improving the health of individuals, groups and populations, and to be able to hold leading positions in public and private organizations, both local and international level.

The program curriculum draws on current and emerging knowledge in the fields of epidemiology and population’s health, environmental health and socio-economic determinants of health, health economics and policy and finally on the Global health issues affecting our planet, countries and communities.

The program is designed to meet the requirements and standards recognized by the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER), as well as international analogues.

Prerequisites for admission to the program:

Admission to the master's program is based on the results of the general master's exam and the internal university exam. The applicant (The international applicants are accepted based on order #224/n of the Ministry of Education and Health (December 29, 2011)) wishing to apply for the master’s program should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the following disciplines:

  • Public health
  • Social work and consulting
  • Pharmacy or nursing,
  • Natural sciences, social sciences or management
  • Qualification in Medicine or Dental Medicine.

Detailed information on the conditions, requirements, assessment of the internal university examination components, and criteria are given in the Program Admission Document and can be found on the university website under the heading "Admission".

Employment Opportunities:

The graduate can be employed in: governmental, non-governmental and international organizations working on public health and health policy issues, as well as in academic, scientific positions at higher education and research institutions, both in Georgia and abroad.

Contact information:
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine
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☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (139, 137, 338)


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