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Academic Degree Acquired: Master of Science in Applied Genetics

University exam type: interview

Study Language: English

Short Description:

The aim of this program is to equip the graduate with in-depth knowledge and skills in DNA-based technology and related sciences, including the ability to carry out independent research, understand and apply existing methods, and use experimental results to guide decisions based upon scientific findings. Through a combination of lectures, laboratory and field-based training, students will learn not just concepts, but actual practice and procedures of applied genetics—students will acquire a suite of laboratory and analytical skills that are currently used in diverse commercial and research environments.

The knowledge and skills acquired by the end of academic studies will prepare students for careers in agricultural, industrial, or biomedical genetics applications, or in research-applications for management of forest, fish, and other natural resources—the universality of the techniques for exploring and analyzing DNA enables students to apply these skills across a broad array of disciplines.

Admissions Requirements

An applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, preferably in the life sciences, or a comparable degree in medicine. Georgian citizens must pass the relevant Unified Post-graduate Exams. Foreign graduates who completed their higher education outside of Georgia will be able to enter the program pursuant to order №224/N of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (December 29, 2011).

The applicant should provide an internationally recognized and valid English language certificate (Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level B2 or higher). To demonstrate English proficiency, the applicant must submit one of the following:

a) an official international language certificate (the main certificates and minimum scores accepted are given below;

b) an English Proficiency Statement from the university, high school or college, confirming that English was the language of instruction;

c) a certificate issued by a local or international English language instruction provider (e.g. language school), confirming the acquisition of B2 level as a result of a language course the applicant attended.

Alternatively, applicants may take Ilia State University’s institutional paper based or online language test, a passing score indicates English competency equivalent to CEFR level B2 Note: The English language requirement may be waived if the applicant is a native of or graduated from an English language high school or university in countries where English is the native language.

Overall, the applicant will be assessed during an admission interview (face-to-face or online for international applicants). Applicants are expected to demonstrate motivation, communication skills, as well as basic fieldspecific knowledge needed to succeed in the program. Detailed admissions requirements can be found online at

Employment Opportunities:

Graduates of Applied Genetics master program will be able to work in laboratories using biotechnology on problems in industry, medicine and agriculture; management positions in government or the private sector, where molecular genetics applications are being used, in forensics, food science, public health, or environmental science, etc.; in industry, in laboratory and management positions in the biotechnology industry.


Contact information:
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine
Tbilisi, Q. Cholokashvili Ave. 3/5, H building, room N108
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (139, 137, 338)


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