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Earth Sciences

Type of university exam: oral exam
Academic degree to be awarded: Master of Earth Sciences

Brief description:

The goal of the master's program is to prepare graduates for a successful scientific and/or professional career in the field of Earth Sciences.

The graduates:

  • have modern and deep knowledge of the Earth as a unified system and its geological structure;
  • will be able to determine and evaluate the threats, risks, their causes and the factors affecting the processes on the surface and in the depth of the earth;
  • will be able to use modern methods, technologies and software in order to research and study the processes on the surface of the earth and in its depth;
  • will be able to expand knowledge about this field based on original research;
  • will be able to communicate effectively both with specialists and with a wide audience, observing the principles of academic integrity.

Prerequisites for admission to the program:

Students will be admitted to the master's degree based on the results of the Unified Master's Examinations and the internal university exam.

At the internal university exam, attention is paid to the student's motivation, basic knowledge of earth sciences, as well as knowledge of the English language (min. B1+).

At the internal university exam, attention is paid to the student's motivation. Applicants for the Master's degree must have a bachelor's degree or an equivalent academic degree in any detailed area of the natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, as well as in information technology.

Areas of employment:

A graduate can be employed:

In public, scientific-research and other institutions or in any non-governmental organization or private company activities of which are related to earth sciences: geology, geophysics, hydrology and hydrogeology, engineering geology, climatology, cartography, mineral exploration and extraction, environmental monitoring, use of geographic GIS technologies, etc.
Graduates can continue their studies at the doctoral level.

Contact Information:
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine
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