School of Natural Sciences and Medicine ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY


Nature Conservation and Forestry

The two-year nature conservation and forestry study program focuses on the development of academic and professional knowledge and skills in the fields of nature conservation, biodiversity, and forest management. Targeted assignments to facilitate teaching, a high ratio of teachers and students, and field trips offer students an exciting opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and solve a specific problem offered during the course. Field trips,  early participation, and involvement in environmental research or environmental projects enable students to understand the complex ecological interactions of living organisms and the consequences of human impact on manage ecosystems at both regional and national levels. During the study process, students will gain state-of-the-art knowledge and practical methods of environmental protection, nature conservation and management, forest management, and research

The program is comprised of 4 semesters, the volume amounts to 120 credits. The experience of international analogs was also taken into account in updating the structure and content of the program: for example, the international program of nature and forest management SUFONAMA (Goettingen, Padua, Bangor, Alnarp) and IFEM (Eberswalde).

The Master's program in Nature Conservation and Forestry offers the students 3 different blocks related to the responsible management and conservation of renewable natural resources: 1) Nature Conservation, 2) Forest Science, 3) Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development.

In addition to gaining fundamental knowledge in the field of nature management, the program offers students the opportunity to study a number of applied sciences in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management, green infrastructure planning, and forest management, as well as a wide range of elective courses, including from the related programs contributing to the effective integration of existing knowledge into the applied sciences.


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