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Our international and interdisciplinary Master of Science Studies (MSc) in Natural and Forest Resources and Biodiversity aim at developing advanced academic and professional knowledge and skills in nature- and forest-related subject matters, acquiring systematic knowledge of forest and land ecosystems, nature and renewable biological resources. The programs are strongly cooperating in the international context, offering interesting perspectives for the proactive student. Theory and practice will be conveyed in the relevant international, regional and local contexts. The highly diverse mountain and lowland ecosystems context of Georgia and the Caucasus will serve as a wonderful ground for teaching and research.

The studies in this field offer, from the end of the first semester onwards, two different specializations for students: ‘forests’ and ‘land ecosystems’; they cover general disciplines such as introduction to natural and forest resources sciences, environmental and forest, history, law and policies as well as ecosystems ecology. The specializations cover nature science and methodological subjects, either closely related to forest ecology and sciences or to general and land ecosystem sciences. Participants will develop advanced professional and scientific judgment and become capable to prepare scientific assessments and studies.

Master graduates will be prepared to successfully work and contribute to universities and research institutions, ministries and governmental agencies, local authorities, consultant enterprises NGO, national and international organizations related to the environment and the natural resources.

Applicants for MSc studies will have to prove B1-level proficiency in English language, as this course of study involves a high portion of subjects offered in English language and/or by foreign Professors.

Leading professors
Prof. David Tarkhnishvili
Coord. Chair Dr. Lars Drossler
Institute of Ecology 
Ilia State University 


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