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University exam type: Oral Exam

Awarded academic degree: Master of Science of Applied Genetics

Short Description:

The program aims to prepare highly qualified researchers in the field of applied genetics who can:

  • Use modern methods of DNA research to study topical issues in  biodiversity, ecology, biology, agriculture, and medicine in compliance with the norms of ethics and academic integrity;
  •  fully process data obtained by molecular-genetic methods and interpret the results according to the given task
  • communicate effectively with the professional and academic community;
  • Be equipped with analytical and decision-making skills.

The program creates a favorable environment for applied genetics research with the participation of highly qualified academic staff, availability of the research laboratories and institutes (research institutes of ecology, zoology, botany, medicine, and public health), and collaboration with a partner organization such as Richard Lugar’s Public Health Research Center.

Prerequisites for admission to the program:

Admission to the Master's program is based on the results of the general Master's exams and the internal university oral exam/interview. During the exam/interview, attention is paid to the student's motivation, knowledge of the basics of general biology and natural sciences, as well as knowledge of English (min. Level B1).

Those wishing to study for a master's degree should preferably (optionally) have a bachelor's / bachelor's equivalent degree in biology and related sciences, environment or psychology, or medicine.

Employment Opportunities:

The graduate may be employed at:

  • Epidemiological, pharmaceutical, or disease control laboratory;
  • Forensic or another laboratory that conducts genetic testing;
  • A governmental, non-governmental or private institution using genetic testing and analysis in the fields of agriculture, conservation biology, or ecology;
  • Research institutions:  university, research institute, natural science museum of Georgia or abroad;
  • Graduates of the program can continue their studies at the doctoral level.

Contact information:
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine
Tbilisi, Q. Cholokashvili Ave. 3/5, H building, room N108
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (139, 137, 338)


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