Institute of Ecology

Institute of Ecology

The Caucasus region ranks as one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. Distinguished by its natural diversity, the region has preserved animal and plant species that had become extinct in other parts of Europe and Western Asia long ago. Meanwhile, the developments associated with the buoyant economies and an increasing pressure on the environment pose a significant threat to the unique wildlife and vegetation of the Caucasus.

The nature of the Caucasian region can be defined as truly unique due to an unusually large number of endemic species, animals, plants and landscapes that no longer exist in other regions of Europe and Western Asia, as well as an exceptional diversity of domestic animal and plant species. The Caucasus is one of the earliest centers of civilization.

In the light of the aforementioned, Georgia and the Caucasus region need highly qualified specialists in the field of ecology and environmental protection to conduct advanced studies in this area. The Institute of Ecology of the Ilia State University seeks to contribute to this cause by conducting advanced studies in animal and plant ecology as well as applied studies in the field of protection of species. The research done by the Institute also includes forest resources, the genetic analysis of endemic animal species and the history of the Caucasian population studied through the combination of environmental and genetic methodologies.

The Institute professors, researchers and students study terrestrial and marine fauna, and highland flora and address fundamental issues of ecology and evolutionary biology. The Institute has research facilities with rich resources. The field bases on the Black Sea and in the highlands of Georgia, as well as modern molecular-genetic and computer modeling laboratories are available for research and training of students.

The Institute is working on three long-term research programmes dealing with Alpine ecosystems; ecology and conservation of large mammals; quantitative ecology and evolutionary research.

The Institute of Ecology provides programmes at bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels in corresponding fields. The Professors of the Institute offer courses to bachelor students specializing in Ecology and to master students in Ecology, Forest Science and Natural Resources and Applied Genetics. The Institute also provides courses in Sustainable Forestry and Management of Natural Resources to MA students of Business Administration. Students are taught field study methods for fauna and flora, planning field experiments, recording terrestrial and aquatic animals, analytical methods applied in forestry, GIS modeling, molecular genetic data collection and analysis, statistical analysis on computer, etc. Teaching is closely intertwined with research, in which the students at the Institute are actively involved.

Contact details

Quantitative Ecology Programme
Prof. DavitTarkhnishvili - Programme Director
➳Cholokashvili 3/5, 0162, Tbilisi, Georgia. Rooms: G302-305, G 405, F305
☏ 577 55 33 20

Programme of Ecology and Conservation of Large Mammals 
Prof. NatiaKutateladze - Programme Director
➳Cholokashvili 3/5; 0162, Tbilisi, Georgia. Room: F304
Programme staff room: G 309
Lab: G 312

Alpine Ecosystems Research Programme
Prof. OtarAbdaladze - Programme Director
➳Cholokashvili, 3/5; 0162, Tbilisi, Georgia; Rooms: G 310, G 311, F 312
☏ 599 24 86 15

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