Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)

Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)

Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) is main management and commercialization center of Intellectual Property created in the field of science and is one of the leading universities in Georgia. TCO's aim is to develop communication process between research institutes and commercial companies by linking scientific innovations to market demand and providing a source of additional income for further research and development.

TCO-'s main responsibilities are:

  • Evaluation of patentability and commercial value of new technologies;
  • Production of patent proceedings and coordination of patent obtainment;
  • Negotiating license conditions, introduction of technologies on the market and management of ongoing contracts;
  • Promotion of university, faculty and student startups;
  • Receiving royalties and distributing themamong inventors, universities and faculties;
  • In parallel with the main activities, raising public awareness about innovation and commercialization issues through conducting various events nationally.

Head of Department - EkaLepsveridze

Contact Information
➳Cholokashvili 3/5, Room E 101
☏ 229 39 85

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