Eligibility Condition for the Pascal Prize

Eligibility Condition for the Pascal Prize

The Pascal Prize is awarded to a young academic, associated with the University, for the publication of an article in an internationally recognized publication. The number of prize recipients is not limited.  One candidate can receive the prize at maximum for the publication of 3 articles per year.

Who is eligible to receive the prize?
Any academic, associated with Ilia State, who, at the time of the application, is no older than 36 years of age.

An Application for the Pascal Prize should contain the following:

  • A letter addressed to the Rector, where the candidate submits for review the publication making him or her eligible for the prize.
  • A document confirming the affiliation of the applicant with Ilia State
  • A copy of personal identification;
  • A hardcopy of the publication.

The publication submitted for the Pascal Prize must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The article must be published in a thematic internationally reviewed journal contained in the Thomson Reuters database. The prize will be awarded to those authors echo publish in journals with high a Eigenfactor Score.* An exception is made in the case of articles from the humanities, where publication in a journal contained in the Thomson Reuters database is sufficient for the reception of the prize.

*The Eigenfactor score shows the significance of the journal to the scientific community. For the criteria of the Pascal Prize the Thomson journals will be ranked according to their Eigenfactor from highest to lowest.  The prize will be awarded to articles published in journals within the 60th percentile of such a ranking.

  •  The candidate must be affiliated with Ilia State University and can be the author or a co-author of the article. In case of co-authorship, the candidates co-author should be a professor, doctoral student or a researched of a western European or American institution of higher education. Publications with all co–authors affiliated with Georgian institutions will not be considered for the prize.  
  • In the case of doctoral students, articles that are published to satisfy program requirements are welcome. However, the article must not list as a co-author the applicant’s advisor or a dissertation committee member.
  • The article must be published no later than January 2014.

Application Deadlines and Procedures
The Pascal Prize is given out twice a year: in June and December.  To receive the prize in June the application must be submitted before May 1.  To receive the prize in December the application must be submitted before November 1.

The applications must be submitted in person to the university Chancellery:

➳ 3/5 Cholokashvili ST.
☏ (+995 32) 223 10 26

The Selection Process
The office of quality control analyzes the received applications and makes recommendation to the Rector, who selects the prize-winners based on those recommendations.

For more information contact:
Ekaterine Kvinikadze
Office of Quality Control
➳ 3/5 Cholokashvili St.
☏  (+995 32) 223 07 14

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