Science Picnic 2022

The Science Picnic of Iliauni 2022


The 9th  Science Picnic will be held in the yard of Ilia State University on October 1.

The purpose of the picnic is to popularize science to visitors of any age by presenting the achievements of modern science in a fun and exciting way.

The theme of this year's Science Picnic is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, focusing on education. The event's supporters are the representatives of the United Nations in Georgia and the Education Coalition.

Scientists of Ilia State University and science-popularization groups from Georgia will offer interesting experiments, interactive exhibitions and cognitive-entertainment programs in approximately 30 tents.

Public and private educational and scientific institutions, non-governmental, state and private organizations will also participate.

The event's main stage in the first half of the day will be devoted to science-themed films, videos and science-themed performances created within the framework of the EU Twinning project, including nitrogen explosions and eruptions. Lectures on astrophysics, solar physics and other exciting topics will be held in the conference hall.

Senior students will be introduced to a new course of lectures on modern cosmology: “Popularization of natural sciences in general education schools: “Let's get to know our world”, which will be conducted by American researchers along with researchers from Ilia State University.

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Time: October 1, 12:00 – 17:00

Location: Ilia State University yard (Cholokashvili Avenue N3/5)


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