Young Explorers Club

Ilia State University, in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Centre, aims to develop a network of Young Explorers Club in Georgia. Purpose of the abovementioned project is to gather young adults with different interests and age groups under the purpose of conducting scientific experiments in the field of natural science as a foundation of development of new types of relationships between students and teachers. The project helps young people develop critical and creative thinking, which will help them learning and comprehension of scientific fields.

As an actively engaged institution in the popularization of science, Ilia State University is leader of the field in Georgia. University is offering workshops on support and development of team work skills in young people to teachers, school principals and employees of educational institutions. The university also provides an annual forum for the leaders of the Young Explorers Club.

Project is being held in partnership with the National Center of Teacher Professional Development.

Those who wish to join the network of Young Explorers Club can send an email to requesting to join the network and get information about the club's activities.

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