The Pascal Prize

The Pascal Prize – A unique opportunity for young academics

In order to encourage young academics and researchers in their work, at the initiative of Ilia State’s rector, Dr. Giga Zedania, the university founded the Pascal Prize, a monetary award of 3000 Lari.

Blasé Pascal made significant contributions both to the humanities and to thee field of natural sciences. He is also famous for having achieved a lot academically at a fairly young age.  These criteria made him the perfect symbol for Illiauni’s prize.  

The prize is awarded to a young academic, associated with the University, for the publication of an article in an internationally recognized publication. The number of prize recipients is not limited.  One candidate can receive the prize at maximum for the publication of 3 articles per year. For more information about participating click here.  

  • The finances for the prize awarded to the first 10 winners will are provided by our partner, Basis Bank;
  • Additional winners will be financed by the Ilia State University. 

In 2014, the prize was awarded 6 times to 5 youngacademics of Ilia State University.


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