With the support of Business School and Tourism Centre, Ilia State University Students Affairs Department organizes TourMODE week for students of Iliauni on 18-22 December, which involves preparation period for the final project TourMODE -- Tourist Agency Modelling planned in the spring semester.

The project aims to:

▶ create highly effective learning environment for students that will increase their competitiveness on the labour market;

▶ through master classes and trainings, enable students to gain paramount skills and competencies such as creating business models, budgeting, the art of making public speeches, effective communication, etc.

In addition, after completing the training courses, participants will be granted the opportunity to participate in the competition within the framework of the final project TourMODE – Tourist Agency Modelling.


To know more on the project called "TourMODE – Tourist Agency Modelling";

To take the first step to participate in the final project*;
* Students having attended training courses planned within TourMODE week will be given advantage against other candidates in the selection process for TourMODE – Tourist Agency Modelling Project.  

To know more on challenges and prospects in the field of tourism;

Start thinking on founding your business and developing it;  

develop skills necessary to achieve your goals and lead a successful career;

analyze essential steps and procedures to starting your business;

 Who can participate?

All students of Ilia State University are welcome to participate in the project.


In order to get involved in the project, fill out the simple registration form at

Deadline: December 14


TourMODE Week will be held on December 18-22.

Each training course is planned to last for three hours comprising one-hour lecture and two-hour practice.

Contact details:
032 2 22 00 09 (270)

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