The Student Self-Government of Ilia State University, a team elected by students, officially represents them at the faculty councils of the university. The Student Self-Government ensures that students' opinions and positions are taken into account in the process of making important decisions. It also protects the rights of students and tries to make their student years more interesting, active and diverse. The self-government offers students various interesting events: intellectual and sports competitions, public lectures, training seminars, cultural projects, exhibitions, educational and introductory tours throughout Georgia, charity events, etc.

  • Saba Gakharia, President
  • Saba Manjgaladze, Elene Kashiashvili, Nini Mikadze, Vice-presidents
  • Luka Matiashvili, Chairman of the Council of the School of Business, Technology and Education, as well as the Council of the School of Natural Sciences and Medicine
  • Ana Getsadze, Chairman of the Council of the School of Law
  • Luka Pertaia, Chairman of the Council of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Vakho Sebiskveradze, Chairman of the Department of Culture
  • Elene Kashiashvili, Chairman of the Department of Tourism
  • Giorgi Khintkiria, Chairman of the Sports Department
  • Giorgi Fockhishvili, Chairman of the Department of Education
  • Nini Mikadze, Chairman of Public Relations Department

Objectives and functions:

  • Protection of legal rights and interests of students
  • Increasing civic activity of students
  • Solving administrative and educational problems of students
  • Organizing cultural, sports, scientific and other events
  • Revealing students' abilities and talents
  • Establishing cultural, sports and other types of relations with other higher education institutions
  • Ensuring student participation in university management


Contact Information:

President of the Student Self-Government
Saba Gakharia
Official Facebook page link:




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