Argus is an electronic selection system, which was specially created for Iliauni students and helps them plan their learning process effectively and contributes to their awareness.

For detailed instructions, you can watch a video tutorial about Argus functionality and infrastructure or view a guide.

Argus has two modes of operation:

  • selection mode
  • information mode

The selection mode of Argus gives you the ability to choose the study courses you want. Argus is switched to selection mode one week before the start of each semester and is switched on for two weeks after the start of studies.

The information mode of Argus gives you the ability to:

get information on:

  • the electronic materials of the lecture course;
  • mid-term assessments, and at the end of the semester the final assessments of all study courses;
  • the credits accumulated during the study process;
  • financial debt;
  • library debt;
  • university news;
  • schedules;

manage your personal profile:

  • create a resume;
  • request recommendations from lecturers;
  • view your current rating;

as well as:

  • receive private messages;
  • write and send notifications;

Argus is in information mode all year round.

Argus address:

Contact Information
Irina Bazhadze
Argus System Administrator

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