Levant’s Hawk Dancing Club

Levant’s Hawk Dancing Club

Levant’s Hawk Club at Ilia State University is a cultural dancing club founded by students from the School of Medicine on May 8, 2023.

The club aims to introduce students to Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian cultures and teach them a traditional dance known as Dabke. We offer all students the opportunity to expand their horizons, experience quality time dancing, and have fun.

The goal is to create an international loving community.

The club’s objectives:

  • to teach dancing lessons of “Dabke”
  • to teach Darbuka classes

If you are interested in joining the Levant’s Hawk Club, please register using the following link:

You can also add my contact info as follows:
Abdulrahman Shawish
(+995) 568 20 47 47

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