E Pluribus Unum Student Club

E Pluribus Unum Student Club

E Pluribus Unum Student Club of Ilia State University, which was founded on November 17, 2016 by students of School of Law of Iliauni. The main projects of the club are for students of the School of Law, however, they cover different areas of all faculties of Iliauni as much as possible.

The main club activities are:

  • Public lectures - the topics of the lectures are diverse, which in itself increases the number of interested students and gives them the opportunity to get additional information on this or that issue;
  • Screening of films, which is important in the process of non-formal education, is aimed at a better understanding of various practices, problems in society and topical issues turned into a film. A discussion is held after a film screening;
  • Simulated court processes ensure the implementation of students' theoretical knowledge in practice and the development of practical skills;
  • Trainings - give students an opportunity to receive information on issues of interest to them directly from experts in the field;
  • Institutional visits to various structures (e.g., the Prosecutor's Office, the Supreme Court, the National Bureau of Enforcement, the Expertise Bureau, the Department of Audits of Georgia, etc.);
  • Intellectual games.

The aim of the club is:

  • to allow as many students as possible to participate in the events organized by the club;
  • to better plan their active student life;
  • to support students in the development of both professional and general education and skills;
  • The student club also cooperates with school students and promotes the popularization of the university through the above-mentioned events.

Those who wish to join the club, please send us your resume (CV) by e-mail.


Contact Information:

President of the Club: Mariam Kakutia
Tel.: 598 502-926

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