Method of Payment of Tuition Fees

Method of Payment of Tuition Fees

The annual tuition fee is 2250 GEL. In September, before the start of the studies, the university signs a study contract with the student, which details the issues related to the payment of the tuition fee, and the student is obliged to familiarize himself/herself with it and follow the terms and conditions of the fee payment specified in the contract.

Students of Ilia State University are given the opportunity to choose their desired fee payment schedule during the signing of the contract and pay the tuition fees for the academic year:

  • in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 parts.

The student also has the right to request a change of the chosen payment schedule in the next or any semester (before the start of studies). For this, an amendment to the contract must be signed and the fact of choosing a new payment schedule must be confirmed by the student's signature.

All students must adhere to the payment terms specified in the study contract. The individual tuition fee payment schedule is also provided in the “Argus” system.

Keep in mind, that in case of violation of the tuition payment schedule, the student will be charged a fine of 50 GEL each time and access to “Argus” may be restricted. However, a student who pays tuition by any of the above methods by the due date, regardless of when the said amount is credited to the university account, will have the penalty, imposed due to the overdue period, waived.

Students who are waiting for financing of tuition fees from public or private legal entities and who present a document confirming the pending funding to the university, will have the payment deadline postponed for the corresponding semester: in the fall semester - until December 31, and in the spring semester - until June 30. Until these deadlines, the student is not charged any fines and access to “Argus” is not restricted. Before the mentioned dates, the student is obliged to pay off the existing debt himself/herself, if he/she cannot get the financing, otherwise he/she will be charged a one-time fine, which is not subject to removal.

Payment of tuition fees

Ilia State University operates an electronic (billing) system for recording students' tuition fees, which allows students to pay tuition fees through banking institutions, online portals and quick payment kiosks.

Partner banks

Ilia State University has a billing relationship with the following banks:

  • BasisBank (payment is possible without commission fee);
  • Bank of Georgia;
  • TBC Bank;
  • Cartu Bank;
  • Credo Bank;
  • VTB Bank;
  • Pasha Bank.

Note: when paying tuition fees, our students will only benefit from the discount in “Basisbank” and will not pay commission fee.

Other ways to pay tuition fees

Tuition fees can also be paid:

  • with TBC PAY kiosks (commission: fixed 1 GEL);
  • on the online portal (commission: 1% of the paid amount);
  • on the online portal (commission: fixed 1 GEL).

The amount paid through the partner banks, payment kiosks and online portals included in the billing system is immediately reflected in the university's financial system.

Payment details for tuition fee

Students paying their tuition fees through partner banks can pay only on the basis of their ID card without additional details.

In order for the paid amount to be reflected in your university account, the following information must be indicated in the payment details:

  • student's personal number, first and last name;
  • level.

Only for the students who have two profiles at the level of study - when paying the fee at the bank, you must provide the bank employee with the following information:

  • student's personal number, first and last name;
  • study level;
  • subscriber code.

The subscriber code consists of your personal number and a two-digit profile number, e.g.: XXXXXXXXXXXX-02. The subscriber code is specified in your Argus. To find it, you need to select the desired direction/level from the information field in the upper right corner of “Argus” and after switching to it, click on your first and last name to call up your own profile. The subscriber code is the Billing ID given in the first column of the profile.

  • Students paying tuition fees through any other channel will need the following details:
  • Recipient's name: Unified Treasury Account, LEPL Ilia State University;
  • Identification code: 204861970;
  • Recipient's Account/Treasury Code: 708997289;
  • Recipient's Bank: State Treasury;
  • Bank code: TRESGE22;
  • Purpose of Payment: student's first and last name, personal number, study level.

Contact Information:

Notifications related to the payment of tuition fees should be sent to the name of the head of the administration from the appropriate form of Argus or to the e-mail

If necessary, contact your faculty:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Tel.: 032 2 22 00 09 (707)


Faculty of Business, Technology and Education


Tel.: 032 2 22 00 09 (180)


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine


Tel.: 032 2 22 00 09 (115)

School of law


Tel: 032 2 22 00 09 (301)


or Revenue Accounting and Analysis Department


Tel.: 032 2 22 00 09 (113)

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