Thomas Häusermann

Thomas Häusermann

Thomas Häusermann was born on 31st March of 1947, in Switzerland, Zurich.

He received his primary education in the home city and later moved to the Literary Gymnasium, where he mastered Latin, French and ancient Greek languages.

Later, he was sent to England to master English; however, having returned to Switzerland, Thomas entered the faculty of German Philology.

The course of lectures encouraged him to study Russian, since Osip Mandelstam's poetry proced to be particularly interesting for him.

In 1972, within the framework of the student exchange programme, Thomas Häusermann visited Leningrad; and afterwards he entered Georgia, where he stayed for two weeks. 

This was Häusermann's first visit in our country. The bustling city of Tbilisi, unlike huge and cold Leningrad, immediately enchanted him.

In 1991, along with the "Swiss Teachers' Union", Thomas Häusermann visited Georgia for the second time. This was when he first enjoyed the possibility to indulge himself in the traditional Georgian folk music, more specifically, to hear the song by the newly established Georgian ensemble "Georgika." 

The original and unique character of the Georgian music instantly drew musicologist Häusermann's attention; and this provoked his decision to invite the ensemble in Switzerland and familiarise his compatriots with the unique character of Georgian music.

Thomas Häusermann set to scientifically study the Georgian folk music as one of hisprimary objectives. With this purpose, he once again visited Georgia and spent a year in the country. 

It is noteworthy that Häusermann has delivered lectures on folklore in Switzerland and Germany; he is also the author of several scientific works on Georgian folk music. In addition, he has released a number of CDs containing Georgian folk songs. Moreover, he is eager to study Georgian literature.

Thomas Häusermann is the author of monograph “Amor Feti” ("The love of Fate") – Grigol Robakidze's dramas.

Mr Häusermann has won several awards for his versatile and prolific activities in the social scene.

By the order of the President of Georgia, in 2013, Thomas Häusermann received the Order of Honour and Georgian Citizenship.

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