Günther Teubner

Günther Teubner

Günther Teubner (born 30 April 1944 in Herrnhut) is a German legal scholar and sociologist, best known for his works within the field of Social Theory of Law.

He was Professor of Private Law at the University of Bremen from 1977 to 1981. From 1982 to 1991, he was associated with the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. From 1993 to 1998 he was the Otto Kahn Freund Professor of Comparative Law and Legal Theory at the London School of Economics, and since 1998 he has been Professor of Private Law and Legal Sociology at the University of Frankfurt. Since 2007, Teubner has been Principal Investigator at the Frankfurt Excellence Cluster "The Formation of Normative Orders". In 2007/2008 he was Fellow at Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin, in 2009/2010 at the universities of The Hague, and Maastricht. In 2011 he has taken up an "ad personam" Jean Monnet Chair at the International University College of Turin.

Visiting Professor: Law Schools Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Stanford, Leyden, Toronto. 2007/2008 Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin, 2009/2010 The UM - HiiL Chair Professor on the internationalisation of Law.

Honorary doctorates: Universities of Lucerne, Napoli, Tiflis, Macerata, Lund 2006-2010.

Award "Premio Capo Circeo" 2008. “Max Weber Lecture”, European University Institute, Florence, 2007. Prize “Premio Capri San Michele”, Anacapri 2006. "Storrs Lectures 2003/2004, Yale Law School. "John F. Diefenbaker Award” (Government of Canada, Canada Council for the Arts), 2002. Prize “Gay Lussac / Humboldt”, Paris, 2000. Member of the “Academia Europaea”, London, 1998. “Prize in Law and Society” Verein fuer Rechtssoziologie, 1988. “Leon Petrazycki International Scientific Prize” (International Sociological Association), 1981.

Research areas: Social Theory of Law, Private Law Theory, Contract Law, Comparative Law

Author: Networks as Connected Contracts 2008; Regime-Kollisionen: Zur Fragmentierung des Weltrechts 2006; La cultura del diritto nell’epoca della globalizzazione: L’emergere delle costitzioni civili 2005; Il diritto possibile 2005; Direito, Sistema, Policontexturalidade 2005; Diritto policontesturale 1999, Droit et réflexivité 1994, Law as an Autopoietic System 1993 (translated in 9 languages), Organisationsdemokratie und Verbandsverfassung 1978, Gegenseitige Vertragsuntreue 1975, Public Functions of Private Associations 1974, Standards und Direktiven in Generalklauseln 1971.

Editor and Co-author: Contractual Networks 2008, Nach Jacques Derrida und Niklas Luhmann 2008, Paradoxes and Inconsistencies in the Law 2006, Transnational Governance and Constitutionalism 2004, Rechtsverfassungsrecht 2003, Die Rückgabe des zwölften Kamels 2000, Global Law Without A State 1997, Entscheidungsfolgen als Rechtsgründe 1995, Environmental Law and Ecological Responsibility 1994, State, Law and Economy as Autopoietic Systems 1992, Paradoxes of Self-Reference in the Humanities, Law and the Social Sciences 1991, Regulating Corporate Groups in Europe 1990, Autopoietic Law 1988, Juridification of Social Spheres 1987, Contract and Organization 1986, Dilemmas of Law in the Welfare State 1985, Directors’ Duties and Liability 1984.

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