Prof. Dr. Tinatin Kakhniashvili’s Visit to Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany


Prof. Tina Kahniashvili’s visit to the University of Göttingen was one of the remarkable pages within the aims of the international joint doctoral program „Structured Education – Quality Assurance – Freedom to Think“ and was also an important step for future collaboration with the University and Prof. Jens Niemeyer. 

Prof. Jens Niemeyer and doctoral student Salome Mtchedlidze, participant of the joint doctoral program, hosted not only Prof. Kahnaishvili at the University of Goettingen but her collaborators as well with whom they held fruitful discussions about Salome’s Ph.D. project. Prof. Kahniashvili herself impressed by the city, University and institute staff gave a talk on „Primordial magnetic fields“ at Astrophysics Institute, which was then followed by general discussions about Cosmology. 

Prof. Kahniashvili and Prof. Niemeyer during the meeting with Dr. Esther von Richthofen, Representative of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen strongly supported the idea of future follow up of IDS. Prof. Niemeyer himself is very interested in visiting Georgia and looking forward to his participation in the development of the joint doctoral program and the International Doctoral School at Ilia State University. 

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