LOVE.DIST@NCE Project Consortium Meeting


LOVE.DIST@NCE project consortium meeting was held on 14-17 March, 2022.

After the project kick-off meeting in 2020 this was the second face-to-face meeting that gathered participants from the partner institutions. The event took place in Tel-Aviv, Israel and was hosted by all three Israeli partners of the project. The first two days were devoted to the outcomes of first pilots took place in Israel, all partners also discussed the necessity of evaluating the quality of the online courses, with help of Spanish colleagues the forms and the instruments of such evaluation should be finalized soon. In addition to this, one day hybrid conference was also arranged within the meeting on current challenges of e-learning, both hosts and visiting staff participated in this conference. The final day of the meeting was devoted to project management work package, partners discussed the current challenges and agreed on the next steps. 

Project in Brief

Project aims to promote inclusive education in Israel and Georgia by widening access to higher education for potential and existing students.

Specific objectives are: build capacities in Israel and Georgia that will enable their HE systems to accommodate effective distance learning programs; develop curricula offer in Israel and Georgia based on distance learning, that responds to the requirements for equity and accessibility of the partner countries HE systems to improve the educational integration of disadvantaged learners in their educational system; to coach and train faculty members, professional and administrative staff on the design, development, implementation and quality assessment of e/blended-learning and distance education courses; raise the public awareness of access to, equity, and democratization of HE, to promote social inclusion; facilitate transfer of best practices to expand access to, participation in, and successful completion of distance learning programs.

Project coordinator: Polytechnic University of Porto


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