International Conference Change in Classroom


29th of September, 2021 at an international conference - Change in Classroom, Giga Khositashvili presented the project - Learning Optimisation and Academic Inclusion via Equitative Distance Teaching and Learning (LOVEDISTANCE).

The conference was organised by Yerevan State University (Armenia) and gathered the participants from both eastern partnership countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia) and European partner universities - Belgium, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. The conference was the final dissemination activity of an Erasmus Plus CBHE project - “Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching and Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries” (PRINTeL), in which Ilia State University was involved.

Giga Khositashvili briefly presented the aims and objectives of LOVEDISTANCE project and underlined the importance of synergy between those projects and activities, as the key to sustainability of the project outcomes.

Details of the project and its goals can be found on the following webpage:


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