Democracy Outreach/Alumni Grants Program


Engineering School  for High School Girls

Ilia State University is glad to announce the launch of the brand new and highly significant 1-year program dedicated to promote the field of engineering in high school girls, titled as ‘Engineering School for High School Girls’.

The program is an Individual Federal Assistance Award to the recipient Ketevan Darakhvelidze, Head of Development Office at Ilia State University (Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Alumna 2007-2009, UGRAD 2003-2004), by the U.S. Department of State, executed by the US Embassy in Tbilisi Georgia through the Democracy Outreach/Alumni Grants Program 2020.

The project will be directed by Dr. Nana Dikhaminjia Vice-Rector for Innovations and Science Popularization and Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Ilia State University.

The project aims to create Engineering School for high-school girls and offers Weekend School of Engineering at ISU to 100 high-school girls of Tbilisi Schools and throughout Georgia.

The main goal of this project is to interest young girls in Tech and Engineering fields i.e. to help them to choose engineering careers through mentoring by successful women in these fields, teaching coding and engineering and engaging by fun competitions.

The project sustainability plan is to establish a long-term University-School cooperation model that will help the schools to start robotics clubs specifically for girls with the detailed curriculum and yearly robotics competitions conducted by university.

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