Call for Papers: Journal Practical eLearning


The online journal E-Learning Practice is accepting the submission of articles in the areas of equity, access and democratization of higher education. More specifically the articles can cover the following topics:

  • Equity, access and democratization policies for Higher Education;
  • ICT as a catalyst for accessibility, equity and democratization in Higher Education;
  • Perceptions of students and teachers about equal access and democratization in Higher Education;
  • ICT skills and competences of students and teachers;
  • Student Diversity;
  • Special educational needs;
  • Online education for diversity;
  • marginalized populations;
  • Instructional design and cultural contexts.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2021.

If you intend to submit a proposal in the above listed areas, please follow the submission guidelines available here:

E-Learning Practice has been developed by Instituto Politécnico do Porto that coordinates EU funded Erasmus + Project LOVE.DIST@NCE. By providing training to faculty members, professional and administrative staff on the design, development, implementation and quality assessment of electronic/blended-learning and distance education courses, LOVE.DIST@NCE will contribute to the development of a curriculum in Israel and Georgia that is based on electronic/blended-learning and distance learning, that responds to the requirements for modernization and accessibility of the partner countries higher education system to improve the education integration of disadvantaged learners in the educational system.

Details of the project, its outcomes and relevant resources can be found here:


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