netwoRk for alErting And managing public safety and resilience - REACT


Recently was successfully funded the NATO project by name: netwoRk for alErting And managing publiC safeTy and resilience - REACT

The project was funded in scope of Science for Peace and Security Programme Multi-Year Research Project and its duration three year.

Three universities from three countries are participating in the project:

1) University of Venice (Italy), Project director, Prof. Andrea Gambaro;
2) Ilia State University (Georgia), Project co- director, Prof. Ketevan Kupatadze;
3) Purdue University (USA), Project co- director, Prof. David Ebert.

Young researcher participants from Ilia State University:

  • Giorgi Iankoshvili;
  •  Tamar Edisherashvili;
  •  Giorgi khubashvili.

Representatives from Georgia who will be involved in the project seminars and information:

  • The Ministry of Defense;
  • Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from The Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and
  • Social Affairs of Georgia;
  • National Environmental Agency;
  • The Teacher House;
  • International Academy of Logos;
  • Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia.

The project will develop an innovative pilot platform (REACT) for the rapid and effective management of scenarios immediately following a terrorist attack with chemical and biological (CB) agents as well as to control the diffusion of contamination over the space and time at short-to-long term.

The platform will be operated by the Physico-Chemical Safety and Information Network of th Environment; Its purpose is to identify the threat of environmental pollution in the event of a terrorist attack, Estimated chemical and biological pollutant agents and develop they neutralization protocols.

Within the framework of the project, will be held the seminars and relevant literature will be created.

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