History (Major/Minor)


Minor program in History aims to equip students with general knowledge of  crucial events in the history of Georgia and the world and enable them to develop the ability to critically analyse a historical event, period or era  considering the cultural and historical context.

History-Minor Program

Upon completion of the minor program,the graduate demonstrates/can:

  1. comprehensive knowledge of Georgia and its separate eras, world history and development stages of civilizations;
  2. identify, relevantly evaluate and discuss various perspectives and interpretations of the past, considering the context of adjacent disciplines (e.g.  historical, political, cultural, social, economic, etc.);
  3. search for primary and/or secondary historical sources in order to reconstruct the past through critical analysis and synthesis;
  4. clearly and consistently convey his/her opinions and arguments orally and in writing to specialists and non-specialists, using modern technologies and adhering to the principles of academic integrity;
  5. when evaluating historical events, he/she considers ethical norms, based on the principles of justice, impartiality and tolerance;
  6. work individually and in a group, find and use various resources in the learning process to develop his/her own knowledge and skills.



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