Archaeology (Major/Minor)

Archealogy (Major/Minor)

The aim of the minor program in Archaeology is to provide the student with  general knowledge of the principles, purpose and specifics of the field of archaeology and teach prehistoric and historical archaeology of different regions of the world (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Ancient  and Medieval Archaeology).

Upon completion of the program, the graduate demonstrates/can:

  1. general knowledge of the principles of archaeology, its main theories, approaches, methods and development trends;
  2. extensive and comprehensive knowledge of prehistoric and historic archaeology (Stone Age, Early Metal Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Ancient and Medieval Ages) of Georgia and different regions of the world (Caucasus region, Near East, Mediterranean).
  3. acquire and process data (sources, materials, etc.) using the basic principles and methods of archaeological reconnaissance and research (field, laboratory) according to predetermined methods and under the guidance of the supervisor.



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