All international students will be assisted by the International Students Department during the Visa and Residence Permit obtaining processes.

It is mandatory to have a study visa (Immigration type of visa, D3 category), otherwise, a student is not eligible for the study residence permit. 



Please note that according to the new ordinance of the Government of Georgia, all students are obliged to have a study visa (Immigration type of visa, D3 category) to apply for the study residence permit in the territory of Georgia. 

Citizens/residents/visa holders of some particular countries (click link 1 and link 2) are eligible to travel without a visa, enter Georgia, and stay for 90 days or 1 year. In this case, the student can travel to Georgia without a visa, however, he/she should apply for the study visa here in the territory of Georgia (for that, he/she should go to the Public Service Hall) and whenever the visa is granted, then he/she should apply for the study residence permit in the territory of Georgia. 

Even if a student doesn’t need a visa to enter Georgia, we strictly recommend applying for a  study visa in his/her respective country, rather than travel without a visa and apply for it here in Georgia. 

How to apply for a visa?

  • In order to enter Georgia, a student is required to apply for a Long Term Visa (Immigration Visa, type D3) for study purposes. For this, he/she must be enrolled at Ilia State University, hold Rector’s order and an invitation letter.
  • A Georgian visa is issued by the Consular Department of the Georgian embassy. In order to check visa application documents, instructions, and further details, a student should visit the web page of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at  click TRAVELLING TO GEORGIA and then DO I NEED VISA button. After that, follow the steps and get the final information on how and where to apply for a Georgian visa.

General documents for a visa application (please note that additional documents can be requested as well):

  1. Travel insurance (must cover the period of visa validity which is 3 months);
  2. Proof of financial support (letter) or bank statement for last 3 months;
  3. Proof of available accommodation in Georgia (a student should book the place for the first week of stay)
  4. Order of the Ministry of the Education and Science of Georgia, regarding the accreditation of the University and a list of available English language faculties 
  5. Rector’s order and invitation letter 

All documents will be sent to the student once he/she finalized enrollment procedures at the University. 


Study Residence Permit

The study residence permit is obtained in the territory of Georgia. Students legally staying in Georgia should apply to the LEPL Public Service Hall for the study residence permit issued with the right of temporary residence in Georgia.

The study residence permit validity term shall not exceed 1 year while applying for the first time. Its validity term might be prolonged for another 5 years. 

Students should apply for the study residence permit at the Public Service Hall ( at least 40 calendar days prior to expiration of the term for his/her legal stay (visa expiration date). Please see detailed information here:


Procedures for international students entering Georgia

Due to the COVID-19, arrival requirements and quarantine rules vary and might change anytime. 

Students planning to enter Georgia are requested to contact the International Students Department at least 5 working days before arrival. 

Entry conditions and requirements are available at

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