All international students will be assisted by the International Students Department during Visa and Residence Permit obtaining process.

Step 1: Check whether a visa is needed to enter Georgia

  • List of countries, whose citizens may enter Georgia without a visa:
  • List of countries, citizens/stateless persons of which are required to obtain visa before entering Georgian Territory:

Please note that if a student is a citizen/stateless person of the country that are required to have a visa to enter Georgia, but a student have a visa and/or Residence Permit of the country listed at, he/she can enter Georgia without a visa and directly apply for the residence permit.

Step 2: If a visa is needed, please follow the instructions. If not, please move to step 3

  • In order to enter Georgia, a student is required to apply for Long Term Visa (Immigration Visa, type D) for study purposes. For this, he/she must be enrolled at Ilia State University and hold Rector’s order and Invitation letter.
  • Georgian visa is issued by the Consular Department of the Georgian embassy. In order to check visa application documents, instructions and further details, a student should visit the web-page of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at, click TRAVELLING TO GEORGIA and then DO I NEED VISA button. After that, follow the steps and get the final information how and where to apply for a Georgian visa.

Step 3: Study Residence Permit

Students legally staying in Georgia should apply to the LEPL Public Service Hall for the Study Residence Permit issued with the right of temporary residence in Georgia.

The study residence permit is issued for at least 6 months for the first time and its validity term shall not exceed 1 year. Its validity term might be prolonged for other 5 years, provided that the total validity term of Temporary Residence Permit should not exceed 6 years.

Students should apply for Study Residence Permit to the Public Service Hall ( 40 calendar days prior to expiration of the term for his/her legal stay on the territory of Georgia.

Please see detailed information here:

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