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International Relations Office
International Relations Office (IRO) is the centralized contact point for all international students. International Students Department at IRO is responsible for international students’ enrollment and integration process for all international degree-seeking, double and joint degree and exchange program students.

Contact details:
Address: 3/5, K. Cholokashvili Ave, Office E208, 0162 Tbilisi, Georgia [Location]
Tel.: (995 322) 220009 - 385 (ext.)
E-mail: (for academic program enquiries) / (for exchange program enquiries) 

Student Affairs Department
Department is committed to create and maintain a student-centered environment. Department has been active at ISU since 2010. The goal of the department is to deepen the relationship between students, instructors, administrative and academic staff.

The staff of the department helps students to acquire information about job openings, internships, local and foreign grants and scholarships, based on their interests and specialization. 

Contract details:
Address: 3/5, K. Cholokashvili Ave, Office F105, 0162 Tbilisi, Georgia [Location]
Tel.: (995 322) 220009 - 270 (ext.)


Iliauni Library provides easy-to-use and accessible information resources by offering diverse services to students and staff. Up to 4 million printed items, electronic catalogues and electronic library as well as access to video lectures and a number of academic and scientific databases are at your disposal in all 10 reading halls across the university campuses. See:


After the official enrollment is out, all students at Ilia State University have internal electronic system for selecting the courses and following/managing their academic process.

   On Argus, students are allowed to:

  • register the courses from mandatory, mandatory-elective, elective, as well as free credit sections;
  • obtain information on course materials throughout the semester;
  • check the midterm and final exams results during the semester;
  • check the financial information;
  • write the statements and request different types of documents;
  • get notifications and announcements from the administration and professors

University E-mail

After the official enrollment is out, along with Argus credentials, all students at Ilia State University receives the University E-mail address which looks as Students are required to use the University internal address during their whole study for the official communication purposes.


Unifood is a catering facility located on both campuses of Ilia State University. Unifood offers ISU students delicious food from European and Georgian cuisine for a rather moderate price. Here you can enjoy free wi-fi and hang out with peers while also grabbing a bite. Unifood cafeterias are located:

  • Building A (32, I. Chavchavadze Ave.)
  • Building E (3/5 K. Cholokashvili Ave.)

Life in Tbilisi

Living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the vibrant capital city and the political heart of Georgia, the main site of its institutions of government and home to more than one in three of its citizens. The city is known for its distinctive architecture, which reflects itself in the city’s past and comprises an eclectic mix of Medieval, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and Modernist structures. Tbilisi is one of the safest cities in Europe and frequently ranks among the most popular emerging destinations thanks to Georgia's growing tourism industry. The city differentiates itself with low living costs. According to Teleport’s city rankings, Tbilisi is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, business freedom and safety.


Tbilisi has cool winters and warm summers. There is very little rain and most rain falls on the summer months. It is common to snow in Tbilisi in the beginning of the year, with January being the coldest month.

Public Transport

Tbilisi has sufficiently developed and convenient public transport. The schedule for buses can be traced on the board on most of the bus stops. The city also has a subway, with only 2 branches and is easy to use. The fare of public transport ranges from 50 to 80 Tetri. There is a single ticket for buses, marshrutka buses, and cable cars. You can pay by a Metro money card that you top up with money as you need or by credit card.


There are lots of restaurants and cafés in Tbilisi. You can see the list of restaurants and cafés on the following web-page: There are Glovo and Wolt apps available that are available to deliver food and goods from various places.

Postal Services

In case you, your family or your friends like hand-written letters or some postcards with the picture of beautiful landscapes or sights of Georgia, you might search blue postal boxes in the streets and send Georgian spirit with you letters back to your home country. For more info, please visit

Entertainment & Nightlife

In Tbilisi, you can explore various entertainment venues you might be interested in, such as: cinemas, theatres, museums and Opera. You will find lots of clubs, pubs and bars in Tbilisi - night life doesn’t stop in the city. It is quite easy to find a place that suits your mood perfectly, whether you want to dance, drink beer, watch some football on a big screen, or have cozy night somewhere on a terrace enjoying your cocktail, visit underground places or just have lots of fun with your friends. There are some very popular events such as: Tbilisi Open Air Festival, Art Gene Festival, Black Sea Jazz Festival, Gem Fest you might be interested with.

Shopping Malls

While living in Tbilisi you can find shopping malls which combine leisure, retails and entertainment services such as: Tbilisi Mall, City Mall, East Point, Merani Mall and Galleria Tbilisi.








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