Tanvir Khan (Bangladesh)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Degree Student

 “During my work life as a service professional, I found myself craving more knowledge about the industry. I started my search for a suitable place to establish my master’s degree. I came to a pause when people suggested me Georgia, and I started my research. It was then that I found Ilia State University and out of all the options to do my master’s in business administration, I grew fond of what Ilia had to offer for my career development. It surely was a gamble to take my chances and come to Georgia, but here I am and thanks to Ilia State University that I have felt at home learning so much more while getting to experience a new sight in the educations industry. Not only am I getting a theoretical education but I also appreciate the practical and diverse experience they offer with their Erasmus Plus program. I am very thankful to ISU for giving me this opportunity with such exclusive education and illustrious career development.”



 Sophia Laura Heggemann (Germany)

Caucasian Studies – Exchange Student

 I´m the first German participant of the new exchange relationship between Ilia state university and the University of Siegen (Germany). I stayed for four months in Tbilisi/Georgia and studied at the faculty of social science. I chose lectures in English and we were small groups (5-6 students) in the master program which allowed us to discuss topics deeply in a familiar atmosphere. The buildings of the Ilia University are very modern with comfortable desks in the library. The staff of the office of foreign relations helped me to find an affordable accommodation near the university. Most young people and lecturers speak good English, hospitality and helpfulness are always great. Tbilisi offers a vibrant nightlife with lots of concerts, bars or clubs.

I enjoyed my Erasmus plus experience at the Ilia state university very much and I´m going to come back to Georgia.




Abdulkadir SimSir (Turkey)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Degree Student

“I can say that ISU has the very experienced lecturers. All of them are very friendly, motivated and passionate to teach the students. We are very supported in our study process and as a foreign student in the class, there is no language barrier, because all of them are fluent in English. ISU has the best location and facilities, professional lecturers, well stocked libraries and good computer labs. I am very grateful to be a part of this university.”


Vezir Ashyrnepesov (Turkmenistan)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – Degree Student

 “I am very grateful to all of those who teach us at Ilia State University. Lecturers are well educated and they have very rich background and knowledge in their fields, but they are not boasting with that, they say, ‘we will learn together by sharing our knowledge’. Our professors give us an opportunity to consolidate the practice with theory by bringing us together with experienced businessmen and academics who have achieved success in Georgian standards.

At Ilia State University, everything about the courses, information and activities around the university can be accessed through the online program, and I would like to say that the university is using the latest technology in the most beautiful way. At the same time, ISU staff are focused on to support students’ needs and solve any problems that may occur.  

I am happy that I have made a right choice by choosing Ilia State University.’’





Jokinen Elina Inkeri (Finland)

Political Sciences - Exchange Student

 Arriving in Tbilisi in March, 2018 I didn’t yet know what was waiting for me. It turned out that following five months were with no doubt one of the most colorful and exciting periods of my life. Georgia is a country only few people know about (except of its location – which by the way is not on the East Coast of the United States) but it’s definitely a country you will find impossible to forget.

Most memorable things I experienced in Georgia were the warmth and hospitality of Georgians, breathtaking nature, the fascinating mixture of old and new architecture in the capital Tbilisi and the continuous adventure of bumping into traditions, customs, cuisine and places I had never known even existed.

Studying in Ilia State University was also an important part of my Georgian experience. I chose courses of Political Studies and found out many things about Caucasus and Georgia from academic perspective. Small group sizes allowed us to have many conversations and ask questions. This gave more depth to my observations of Georgian everyday life and motivated me to study the language and visit more places too.

I will definitely come back to Georgia and visit all the places I love – and enjoy the amazing cuisine of course! But most of all I want to meet all the amazing people I got to know in საქართველო!


Justyna Paulina Korzybska (Italy)

Business Administration - Exchange Student

The Erasmus Exchange in Georgia was one of the best experiences of my life. I have polish roots but I have had chance to study in Italy for my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees programme. Having this foreign Italian experience I could easily make some comparison and I was very positively surprised to find Georgian University and its’ Professors very well prepared. Professors are passionate persons, great English speakers with international working experience, and what is the most important for a student, always very helpful in any kind of projects problem. A great team is also represented by the stuff of Foreign Relations Office, lovely women who were always available for any kind of help.

Georgian students are the best ones who you can meet while staying on your Erasmus exchange! They are open, always ready to find any opportunity to have fun, and in case of troubles, they are the first ones who will find any solution to solve your problem.

The same as Georgian students are Georgian people. They are lovely open persons, trying to give their hearts in their open hands. Georgian cuisine, Georgian wine and landscapes just have made me fall in love with this country. 


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