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Study language: Georgian

Amount of allocated ECTS: 240 ECTS

Awarded qualification/degree:  Bachelor of Ecology

Admission Type: Individual Admission

About the program

The undergraduate program in Ecology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine was renewed in 2020 to improve the learning process.

The program will give the student state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge in the field of ecology, ecological problems, and the basics of biology. The graduate will be able to apply knowledge in practice and analyze ecological problems at a scientific level. The student will be able to use the scientific institutes and centers of the University (Institute of Ecology, Institute of Zoology, Laboratory of Dendrology).

In addition, the program includes a general undergraduate module aimed at developing skills in oral and written communication, analysis, argumentation, problem assessment, and creative problem-solving, as well as effective teamwork.

Aim of the program

The program aims to provide the student with basic knowledge in the disciplines related to ecology and conservation biology as well as to teach the students ecological patterns, population dynamics and their relationship with the environment, environmental problems, and possibilities to solve them and develop laboratory and fieldwork skills.

Main areas of study:

The main areas of study are the ongoing processes in animal populations and ecosystems; Evolutionary ecology; Biodiversity conservation and practical work for ecologists.

Learning outcomes:

The graduate:

  1. demonstrates deep and systematic knowledge of modern achievements, theories and methods, ecological, population-biological, and evolutionary concepts in ecology and can assess them critically;
  2. demonstrates knowledge about sustainable ecosystem management;
  3. can use ecological knowledge to identify environmental problems and plan effective ways to solve them;
  4. can independently plan and conduct research in a chosen field (plant ecology, animal ecology, or environmental protection), and describe and interpret research results using modern knowledge/theories;
  5. can use relevant methods (ecological field methods, geographic information systems and molecular-genetic research methods and/or ecological and behavioral experiments), relevant field and laboratory techniques and equipment in the research/problem study process;
  6. acts in accordance with the principles of professional ethics and academic integrity in the research process, adheres to safety rules as needed;
  7. can effectively present the results, ideas, and opinions of research to the academic and professional community, using modern information technologies;
  8. can identify learning and research needs and independently plan and implement relevant processes.

Teaching methods:

  • Lecture;
  • Seminar;
  • Practical method (field and laboratory work);
  • Discussion / debate;
  • Analysis and synthesis;
  • Individual and group work;
  • Method of demonstration;
  • Elements of e-learning;
  • Projects.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Educational and scientific-research institutions of the relevant profile;
  • Zoos, botanical gardens, and museums;
  • Public sector related to environment protection and use of natural resources (Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agriculture);
  • Forestry, hunting, and fish farms;
  • Consulting companies working in the field of environmental audit, natural resource management, geoinformation systems;
  • Enterprises and companies working in the utilization of natural resources;
  • protected territories;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Environmental NGOs and international organizations;
  • Environmental projects and programs.

Structure of the study program:

To receive a bachelor's degree, the student must accumulate 240 ECTS.

 Title of the Module  ECTS 
 General Module  60
 Major  120
 Additional specialization/free component  60

Admission procedures and exams:

If you wish to study at Ilia State University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine, the undergraduate program in ecology, you need to select Ilia State University Academic Program Block (Individual Admissions) code 0100126 at the NAEC webpage and pass the Unified National Examinations

Exams and qualification requirements for the Unified National Examinations


  • Georgian Language and Literature
  • Foreign Language (German, English, Russian, French)
  • Math or History

Contact information

➳ Q. Cholokashvili Ave: N3/5
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (134)



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