School of Natural Sciences and Medicine ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Language: Georgian

The program aims to equip students with an extensive knowledge in classical and modern physics, teach them the laws of physics to which the entire universe obeys. Thus, the program will teach students the structure of the entire universe and the processes occurring into it, its general characteristics, the forms of existence and movement, as well as general and specific regularities of natural phenomena.

The mentioned program provides undegraduate students with theoretical knowledge in classical and modern physics.

After the completion of the program, students will have mastered the basics of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, atom and nuclear physics, as well as astronomy. Students will also gain insights in widely used analytical and numerical methods, mathematical and computer-based calculations, as well as key experimental methods of physics, which is a must for career advancement in this field.

The program comprises the following educational areas: fundamental (theoretical physics), biophysics, astronomy and applied physics. These optional or mandatory courses enable students to pursue the Master’s degree in the future.

In addition, the program comprises the basic module of undergraduate studies, which is focused on developing the skills for verbal and written communication, analysis, argumentation, problem assessment and solving, as well as the ability to work within a team.

Teaching methodology:  lectures, workshops, laboratory and practical works, independent work, colloquia, presentations, team work, electronic learning.

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