School of Natural Sciences and Medicine ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Language: Georgian

The Aim of the Programme

Natural sciences is an interdisciplinary program aiming to give students a general knowledge of one of the paramount fields which is biology. After completion of the bachelor’s degree program, students will get familiarized with the structural characteristics of cells and living organisms, principles of their changeability and heredity, as well the processes occurring in a living organism, their physiological characteristics, core functions and mechanisms that are of basic importance for an organism’s viability, and acquires knowledge of the basics of biosecurity and laboratory research methods.

Teaching Methodology:

Lectures, discussions, group works, presentations, appraisal of students’ performance, homework, independent works, group works, distance (electronic) learning, laboratory and practical work, and experiments.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Economic Planning and Management Services;
  • Medical Diagnostic Centers, laboratories and clinics;
  • Learning and Scientific Research Institutions of a corresponding profile;
  • Chemical, medical, veterinary, agricultural, and pharmaceutical and food industries;
  • Zoos, botanic gardens, and museums;
  • Public sector carrying out environmental protection activities, such as the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Wood, hunting and fish industries;
  • Enterprises and companies connected to the application of natural resources;
  • Reserved territories;
  • Geographic information systems, natural resources management and environmental audit related consulting companies;
  • enterprises and companies related to the utilization of natural resources;
  • reserved territories;
  • ecotourism;
  • environmental protection non-governmental and international organizations;
  • environmental projects and programs;
  • field of education (in case of choosing Teachers’ Preparation Educational Program
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