School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Georgian Philology


The Aim of Programme

The programme aims to equip students with extensive theoretical knowledge of the Georgian language literature on the basics of linguistics, literary and linguistic theories, as well as introduce them to cultural, political and social contexts of their native language and help them use it effectively during intercultural communication.

If focusing on Georgian philology, the graduates will acquire:

  • profound theoretical knowledge of the morphology, syntax, lexicology, history and stylistics of the language, as well as the basics of linguistics, its principles and key theories.
  • vast theoretical knowledge of one or several periods of Georgian language literature, as well as top authors of Georgian literature, their works, basics of literature studies and its principles;
  • a general understanding of general subjects for the purposes of developing basic skills and competencies and getting to know different fields.

Teaching Methodology:

Lectures and discussions, group works, distance learning (electronic learning).

Career Opportunities

Graduates can be employed:

in the field of education (in the event of choosing education sciences as a minor), archives and libraries, publishing houses and editorial offices, mass media and journalism, public sector, and non-governmental organizations.


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