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Center of Dutch Language and Culture


The Center of Dutch Language and Culture was established by Ingrid Dekhrave in 1999. The international organization “Dutch Language Union” (Nederlandse Taalunie), which popularizes English in the international arena, assisted the center in furnishing and providing its own auditorium with all necessary equipment.  

The sponsors of Dutch language in Georgia are:

  • ·Ilia State University, Tbilisi
  • ·Nederlandse Taalunie, Hague
  • ·Taaluniecentrum NVT, Brussels
  • ·The Embassy of the kingdom of Netherlands in Georgia;
  • ·Orde van den Prince, Belgium, and the Netherlands

The Center of Dutch Language and Culture has its own library with around 2000 books, CD/DVDs, newspapers, periodicals and publications. Thanks to the assistance by Netherlands and Flandrian Publishing houses and foundations, the library is enriched annually.    

The Center enables interested Georgian students to take certificate exams and get the international certificate in the Dutch language called CNaVT providing them with the opportunity to study at the universities of Netherlands and Flandria.

Aims of and activities by the Center

The Center of Dutch Language and Culture aims at teaching Georgian students the Dutch language, which is a native language of 23 million Europeans, and offers new prospects in the fields of philology, culture and commerce to them.

Programmes at the Center

The Center offers different kinds of scholarships to students; students at B1-B2 levels attend the summer courses in the Dutch Language and Culture at Ghent University, while A2 level students visit Flandria, stay at Flandrian families with this involving myriad cultural activities and internships. The Center is a member of The Eastern European Association of Dutch Language, which arranges conferences for students annually in Moscow, Petersburg or Minsk. 


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