Double-Degree Master Program

Double-Degree Master Program

For Students enrolled in Master of Business Administration (English Program) at Ilia State University 

University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is one of the most successful higher education institutions in Austria with 99% rate of graduate employment as it provides an excellent mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge. Master of Arts in International Business Relations is the partner of ISU MBA program and stands out with its inter-cultural perspective and special focus on research and innovation.

Academic Qualifications:

  • „Master of Business Administration“ Ilia State University
  • „Master of Arts in Business“ Burgenland University of Applied Sciences

Special Track of Austrian Program:

  • Marketing and Consumer Behavior


I, III, IV Semester – Ilia State University
II Semester (February 2024 - June 2024) – University of Applied Sciences Burgenland


Within the framework of Erasmus +, one-semester (5 months) exchange to Austrian University is fully funded (transportation – 360 euro, monthly scholarship – 850 euro).

Prerequisites for Admission to Double-Degree Program:

Student of Ilia State University is required to:

  • Be enrolled in MBA (ENG) program (1st semester students);
  • Have acquired a bachelor’s degree and necessary ECTS in following fields:
  • Management/Business Administration/Economics (14ECTS)
  • Legal Studies/Law (6 ECTS)
  • English Language (8 ECTS Advanced English) or International Certificate in English Language (C1)
  • Spend second studying semester in University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and accumulate 28 ECTS which will be recognized by the Faculty of Business, Technology and Education in accordance with the requirements of “Business Administration” Master Program;
  • Complete two courses of international communication (10 ECTS), including one course during the study period at University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and one course at Ilia State University*

* Note: Mentioned International Communications courses are not included in planned 120 ECTS and are defined as extracurricular components. However, completion of these courses is obligatory in order to qualify for double qualification.

Call for Applications - Please fill in the APPLICATION FORM
Application Deadline – October 15, 6:00 PM.

Documents to be submitted to the Online Application Form:

  • Passport/ID copy
  • English Language Certificate (min. C1)
  • Bachelor Diploma (with supplement)
  • CV (in EUROPASS format)
  • Motivation Letter
  • Reference letter (from the Lecturer)
  • Official proof of disability (if any)


  • Those who are going to participate in the exchange program should not take the elective course “Leadership” in the first semester. In order to change the course, please contact us. 
  • Candidates who do not have a Certificate in English Language (C1) or have not accumulated at least 8 ECTS (Advanced English) during their Bachelor or do not have a higher rate than 6.5 points at Ilia State University’s Institutional English Language Test, will be offered an additional test. Please contact us at by October 4. 

Selection Procedure:

  1. Document assessment – Ilia State University
  2. Interview – Ilia State University, University of Applied Sciences Burgenland
  3. Nomination – Ilia State University
  4. Final selection – University of Applied Sciences Burgenland 

For detailed information, please consult MBA program curriculum and exchange program administration rules.

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