School of Business, Technology and Education ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Language: Georgian

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at Ilia State University offers students the bachelor programme in computer engineering.   


The objective of the bachelor programme is to produce highly qualified specialists in computer engineering who:

  • Will be equipped with knowledge in developing, creating and providing software and utilizing it;
  • Know modern computer architecture, technical characteristics and physical processes occurring within it, as well as techniques and methods to improve it;   
  • Will have professional skills and abilities enabling them to effectively get involved in computer technology manufacturing production process.

The programme focuses on theoretical knowledge necessary for the field of computer engineering in mathematics, physics, information theory, the architecture of microcomputers and microprocessors, as well as development of practical skills in electrical engineering and programming.

In addition, the programme centers on development of transferable skills, such as effective oral and verbal communication skills in the English language, critical and analytical thinking skills, the ability to effectively work within the team and the aptitude to apply modern information technologies, as well as academic skills.

Teaching Methodology: 

Lectures and workshops/written and verbal methods, the method of demonstration, the method of analysis and synthesis, problem-based learning, group works, laboratory works, practical works, projects and teaching through experience.  

Work Opportunities:

Graduates can be employed in different organizations in which computers are utilized, repaired, improved and manufactured (in the area of wide spectrum electrical equipment diagnosis and repair) at research institutions, companies specializing in installation of computer technology and provision of hardware services, as well as installation of computer networks and manufacturing electrical equipment.  


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