UniLab in School: Funded courses for school children


Ilia State University Sunday School offers a new educational project "UniLab in School" to the school children of secondary schools all over Georgia.

The project "UniLab in School" will be implemented remotely for 8th-12th graders of VIII-XII school.

The school children will have the opportunity to learn about modern professions in the form of open lectures, as well as obtain funding from Ilia State University and take the Iliauni Cyber Laboratory, one of the three practical courses at UniLab:

The course expenses for the selected candidates will be fully covered by Ilia State University.

Project stages

The project will be implemented in two stages.

  • In the first stage, school children selected on the basis of applications, who will receive funding from Ilia State University, will undergo one of three practical courses (Graphic Design; Unity 3D; C #); The learning process will be conducted in synchronous distance learning format. Each course includes 14 lectures. After completing the course, students will work on real projects.
  • In the second stage, school children will have the opportunity to work on real projects for 1 month based on the knowledge acquired during the course. During this period they will be consulted by lecturers.

The project participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in modern professions, use UniLab's discussion space, ask questions, receive advice and recommendations from experienced lecturers and students, work on real projects and apply the knowledge gained in practice.


The final projects completed by the school children will be evaluated by the project jury. The selected project will be revealed within each course. The author of the selected project will be awarded with a conditional scholarship voucher from Ilia State University. As well as various prizes set by our partner organizations.

Who can participate in the project?

The project is open to any student of VIII-XII grades, who is interested in modern technologies, wants to deepen their knowledge in this area and successfully fill out the application form by December 23, 2021.

How can I participate in the project?

To participate in the project, fill in the application form for the course you are interested in by December 23, 2021.

What will participating in the project give me?

Participation in the project gives you the opportunity to:

  • Receive more information about future professions;
  • Discover the field of interest from an early age and accordingly deepen the knowledge;
  • Get acquainted with information that is not included in the school curriculum;
  • Master the basics of a profession of interest to you through theoretical knowledge and practical assignments;
  • Make new friends from the world of technology.

Project partners

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