NOVA IDEA 2022 Grant Competition for Student Projects in Support of Ukraine


Ilia State University conducts the Nova Idea grant project for students annually, which enables them to turn their ideas into reality and obtain the necessary funding/co-funding from the university in the amount of 10 000 GEL.

Due to the horrible events occurring this year, many students of Ilia State University have approached us with an initiative in support of Ukraine.

Therefore, we deemed it necessary to consider the student initiatives in support of Ukraine within the framework of the grant competition, and provide financial and/or other types of support to those that are judged the best according to the competition jury.

Stages of the Competition

The competition will be conducted in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Registering as a contestant and submitting the idea

Deadline for registration - May 21st

To register follow the link: 

Main criteria of evaluation:

  • How realistic is it to carry out the project?
  • How effective is the project (in terms of the ratio of the scale (outcome, number of people involved) and the requested funding)?

Additional factor: preference will be given to projects that will have obtained the support of external organizations, individuals, and the resources requested from the university will be co-participation, funding.

Stage 2: Organize mentoring sessions for the owners of the selected ideas

Mentor sessions will be held in the following areas:

  • Creation and management of a project;
  • Preparation of a project budget and planning procurement process required for the execution of a project at Ilia State University, as a legal entity under public law, in accordance with the existing regulations;
  • Development of the communication strategy of a project.

Period of Mentor Sessions: May - June, 2022

Stage 3: Finalization of the project and identification of the winners by the project examination board

Period: June, 2022

Competition Topics

In order for a submitted project to be considered by the grant competition board, it must meet one of the following three categories:

  • Organization of seasonal educational-cultural camps/schools (for Ukrainian students and pupils);
    • Format: physical/remote
    • In the case of an activity taking place in physical space, execution period - not earlier than July 2022. Participants must be in Georgia.
    • Execution of innovative technological projects;
    • Topics, which combine educational and social responsibility issues.

Additional Terms

  • Funding/co-funding requested from the university for the execution of the project should not exceed 10 000 GEL;
  • Project completion deadline - no later than December 31st, 2022.

Project Examination Board

The student projects submitted within the framework of Nova Idea 2022 will be reviewed by the representatives of the administration of Ilia State University and, depending on the topic, the researchers of different fields, along with the board created especially for the grant competition.

Who can participate in the NOVA IDEA 2022 grant competition for student projects?

The competition is open to a student or a group of students (no more than 4 students per group) with active status in bachelor's or master's programs at Ilia State University.

It is important that the person(s) submitting the project have the status of an active student(s) at Ilia State University by the time the project is completed.

Deadlines for participation in the competition and examination of the projects

How do I become a participant in the Nova Idea 2022 competition?

To participate in the NOVA IDEA 2022 grant competition for student projects, you need to fill out an electronic registration form no later than May 21st, 2022.

Please note that the application can be filled out only from the Iliauni corporate e-mail address (

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