In March, The School of Law of Ilia State University (ISU) will hold a competition for the interested high school seniors in law.

Successful participants will be awarded different memorable prizes, while the winners will get GEL 1,000 scholarship voucher from Iliauni School of Law.  

The competition comprises different stages (testing, a master class, testing after the master class, and an imitated trial) and enables the participants to get comprehensive information regarding their future careers.

Who can participate in the competition?

All high school seniors taking national exams in 2017 can get involved in the competition.

How can I take part in the competition?

In order to participate in the competition, you need to fill out the simple registration form and not later than March 5, 2017 we will contact you.

Registration Form


All participants of the competition will be awarded memorable prizes;

All 23 participants having passed the first stage will be granted certificates and a voucher in the cognitive training camp;

Three winners of the competition will get the scholarship voucher worth 1,000 GEL. (The conditions for using the voucher: it can be used in the event of enrolling on the Bachelor’s degree programme at Iliauni Law School. The voucher will serve as the source of extra income, which will be possible to be used in accordance with the students’ personal needs).

Full Information on Competition

The competition comprises 4 stages:

  • testing,
  • master class,
  • testing after the master class,
  • imitated trial

First stage - testing

Time and Date: 11 March, 12:00

Duration: 90 minutes

30 close-ended multiple-choice questions (with 4 options) and an open-ended question test requires basic knowledge in civil education.

Those high school seniors having provided correct answers for all questions of the test in the first stage will compete in the second stage,

The answers will be made public not later than March 14 on Iliauni website

The second stage – master class

Date and time: March 18, at 12:00-17:00

Professors and teachers at Iliauni Law School will hold master classes in criminal law advocating skills for the 23 high school seniors having passed the first stage and in this way will prepare them for the last stage of the competition which is an imitated trial.

The third stage – post master class testing

Date and time: 19 March, 12:00

Duration: 1 hour

The selected 23 high school seniors will be tested, with the test comprising 20 close-ended questions (with 4 multiple choice options); the test will be based on the questions covered by the master class. 

The participants of this round will continue to participate in the competition regardless of the results in the test, since the objective of this round is to determine the role of the participants of an imitated trial.

In particular, 6 high school seniors with the highest scores in the test through voting will be divided into two groups -- defendants and prosecutors, with the others playing the role of 14 jurors and 3 witnesses.

The fourth stage – imitated trial

Date and time: 25 March, 12:00

The winners of the imitated trial will be selected by professors and teachers at Iliauni, as well as current invited judges.

Note: detailed information on the competition will be privately provided to the registered participants; accordingly, the registration form should be filled out carefully.

Contact Details

Contact person: Natalia Shevardenidze
Phone: 555 941808
E-mail address:
Contact person: Sopio Shubladze
Phone: 577 553391
E-mail address:

ISU wishes you success!

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