Ilia State University Tops Georgian Universities in the World University Ranking


Ilia State University (ISU) has secured the top spot among Georgian universities in the 2024 Times Higher Education (THE World University Ranking).

The World University Ranking:

In 2024, the Times Higher Education updated its ranking methodology, placing a greater emphasis on the research environment and research quality, which now accounts for 59% of the overall rating. At this stage, the methodology is based on 18 indicators, categorized into 5 weighted areas:

  • Teaching (29,5%): the learning environment
  • Research environment (29%): volume, income, and reputation
  • Research quality (30%): citation impact, research strength, excellence, and influence
  • Link with the industry (4%): Industry income and patents
  • International outlook (7.5%): international staff, students and research collaboration

The research environment and research quality are the primary factors used to assess a university’s role in fostering a learning environment which, in turn, contributes to the dissemination of new knowledge and ideas and advances science on a global scale.

Using this methodology, bibliometric data provider Elsevier studied and analyzed more than 16 million publications and over 130 million citations from academic journals indexed in Scopus for the 2024 the World University ranking.

ISU excelled particularly in the category of research quality (47.7 points). In this regard, ISU is on par with well-known Japanese and Spanish universities (Hokkaido University, University of Zaragoza).

In terms of scientific disciplines, ISU holds the highest position, ranking 351st in Physical Sciences with a score of 71.5, and stands among famous German (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), American (University of Oregon), and Italian (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) universities.

Over the past three years, ISU has made significant strides in its research quality index, with an increase from 34.6 to 47.7.


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